Welcome to Full Haus

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Full Haus is the world’s finest show for white fathers, aspiring ones, and the whole family. We strive to entertain and inform parents who are raising children, and future parents eager to get in the greatest game.

Our objective? More healthy white children raised by strong and loving parents armed with the knowledge to help them navigate a world largely hostile to their existence.

The vast majority of our content is family-friendly, and the show can be listened to in the car with your precious progeny in the back with no cringing. Go forth and have more white children and raise them right!

Created in April 2019 by a couple veterans of an earlier dad show and infused with new talent, Full Haus has been the home of pro-white family content via a weekly podcast for its first year. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response to the show despite serious social media censorship, we are expanding our efforts to create more written content – and even some merch! – for the benefit of our listeners.

We are unapologetically pro-white and hostile to the forces that try to fill our children’s minds and bodies with poison. Degenerate entertainment, garbage food, crappy education, and debt-without-end are just a few of the pernicious influences we combat.

Come with us if you want to live!