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If the one-two punch of a nationwide pandemic followed by anti-white race riots has finally roused you from your urban or suburban slumber, you’re not alone.  There are likely millions of Americans, from white nationalists to normies, in various stages of preparation right now, aiming to ditch the diversity rat race and escape to greener, whiter pastures.  This is (mostly) good news.  But there’s much to consider before making the great escape.  The friendly dads of Full Haus hereby attempt to arm you with the essentials so that you make the best decision of your life, and not a terrible mistake.

No place is safe. Find the whitest, most sparsely populated zip code in America, and it could still get enriched in the span of a few years by a refugee resettlement program or a Big Ag invader employment project.  Your goal is to buy time and peace of mind, not permanent safe haven from the ills of the world.  For this reason, it is essential that you seek acreage, privacy, and security.  You can’t control who buys the properties around you, so make sure your future neighbors will not be in spitting, shooting, or Third World music distance.  If you can’t shoot legally on your property without getting noise complaints, it’s not remote enough.  If you can’t take a leak off your porch without horrifying a neighbor, they’re too close.  And do not buy a property with a homeowners association, even if it’s a sleepy development of cottages or lots.  This may be your only chance at achieving what passes for freedom these days, and you do not want a board of local do-gooders having power over your property decisions.

Money matters.  If you’re one of the lucky ones who can work remotely from any part of the country while maintaining your current income level, you’ve got little excuse not to bail out. For others, moving to the country may mean a major pay cut, but it’s all relative.  Estimate the percentage reduction in your monthly housing costs using a mortgage calculator (most people’s biggest budget line item) and then calculate an equivalent reduction for your income.  You may find that you’ll be proportionally wealthier every month, even with a lower paying job, just by escaping high housing costs and associated property taxes. Utilities and grocery prices will likely be lower too.  Just remember that it’s usually impossible to get a mortgage on land-only or a foreclosure; a habitable traditional property is required for that. If you require a mortgage and qualify for one, save yourself the headache of permits, contracting, and cash, and buy a fixer on great land you can upgrade yourself. Starve the beast of your talents and taxes, because you’re nobody’s cattle!

Don’t be lazy. Yes: taking care of a rural home, crops, animals, pets, kids, and more means more work. Deprogram yourself from expecting this sick society’s creature comforts and gain the satisfaction and independence of managing them yourself. The system relies on your laziness and ineptitude to profit. If you’re concerned that you’re not handy enough to handle tough projects, you can learn. You’ve got a world of information at your fingertips.  Invest the time because even if you ruin something, there’s now a community at your back to help you out online or IRL. Your people will support you in a way even blood family nowadays often doesn’t.

Kid concerns. Worried about your kids’ relocation?  TL/DR: they’ll be fine. Children are more adaptable than you are, and if you’re moving to be closer to your “fam,” they’ll find truer friends and more wholesome upbringings within the kind of community you desire or remember.  Sure, they might not have the classic white American suburban upbringing of plentiful pals within worry-free bike-riding distance, but that’s increasingly an illusion anyway.  You won’t be able to “pop out to the store” with them quite as easily as before.  But even that isn’t such a big deal.  Gas is cheap, and you can indulge in occasional big box purchases with free and expedited shipping to your remote redoubt.

Start looking tomorrow, if you haven’t already.  You really want to get the jump on this fam.  It’s not unlikely that we’re witnessing the last great American white flight moment, and rural property values are ticking up already. Anecdotal evidence suggests rural real estate is being gobbled up by wealthy urbanites, and they’re not being selective. Choose the best state that’s most feasible for you, and then drill down into Census data to find the county least likely to turn into Mogadishu in a decade.  Set up an automatic search via Redfin or Zillow.  Look for professional-looking real estate agents in that area (wink wink), send them an email with your requirements, let them do the research, and set a date to go see specific properties.  Even if you’re not yet sold on escaping (you fool!), a day in the country educating yourself on the market and environs is not only enjoyable, but valuable time spent as you consider your investment. If you’re already networked with like-minded people, try to coordinate purchases with them, as difficult as that can be.  Having just one or two allies within the same zip code can be confidence-inspiring or even a lifesaver, and may soften any country culture shock.

Pro tip: don’t abuse a realtor’s time by visiting properties you’re unlikely to buy. Realtors and lenders are slammed right now with a variety of inquiries (purchases, sales, refinances), so prequalify with a lender to demonstrate you’re both a serious and an imminent buyer, even if you can’t purchase quickly. You only have to purchase a loan at settlement, so you can reapply and requalify later if necessary. Otherwise, cash is king, and the less interest you feed to the gaping maw of Big Finance, the more you win.

Water, Water, Water.  If you’re an urban or suburban bugman by upbringing, we won’t judge, but you’re probably spoiled by 24/7 reliable municipal water supplies and sewer service.  Moving to the country means you may be dealing with a well or cistern for water supply, and a septic system for waste.  While these systems can be major headaches and expenses, it’s also nice knowing you’re not totally reliant on the system for the vital liquid of life.  Educate yourself on what you’ll be dealing with before making an offer, and be damn sure to have the water and septic tested as part of your home inspection process. Additionally, having a stream or pond on your new property is a huge benefit, so that if everything goes to total hell, you still have access to water for cooking, cleaning, and filling your toilet tank. These properties come at a premium and with competition, so be prepared to jump on one that comes along.

Inconveniences and discomfort.  Don’t make the move unless you’re prepared to trade interracial crime, traffic, communists, and ethnic restaurants for a few challenges.  Say goodbye to high-speed fiber-optic or cable internet service, and be prepared to tolerate DSL, which in most cases is still good enough to stream The Greatest Story Never Told, at least until Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet rolls out later this year.  Forget about putting out your trash and recycling on dedicated nights of the week; you’ll be composting food waste and burning paper while hauling the rest of your trash to the dump at least weekly.  And don’t get us started on the bugs.  Horseflies, ticks, giant moths, and mosquitoes will enter your life in a whole new way.  Prepare to wage a holy war on the insect kingdom with screening, fogging, zappers, repellent, fly tape, or acceptance.   

Transcendental joys. Ever see a deer or rabbit on your property and view it as viable food source, and not just a garden raider?   Ever heard distant gunshots, yet not feel the slightest concern that they were the result of crime?  How about leading a goofy dance party with your kids out in the yard, knowing that no one could possibly catch a glimpse or take a video of it?  Ever take a scenic drive to the local grocery store to see nothing but white people – and have them go out of their way to compliment your family? Wake up by your own rooster’s crow, and later experience stars as brilliant as they appeared to our continent-conquering ancestors. You have the means to liberate yourself, and it’s time to ditch any excuses to seek your shot at freedom. Declare your own independence.

Top States to Consider.  Sure, there are nice rural retreats in deep blue states where you might find happiness – Vermont in particular.  But do you really want to take the plunge in a place where the politics are left of Marx, or your gun rights are vulnerable?  Or pay taxes to an institution that exists to funnel your money to your replacements?  Our Top 15 States to Consider, based on demographics, geography, taxes, and political orientation are: Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  Ask a Prepper suggests others.  Your mileage may vary, of course, especially if you don’t want to raise the kiddos too far away from grandma and grandpa.

Additional Reading.  We recommend Ragnar Benson’s Starting A New Life In Rural America: 21 Things You Need to Know Before You Make Your Move for elaboration on some of the points made here.  Published in 2006, it’s a little bit dated, but if you’re serious, you’ll buy it immediately after reading this.

As Roxette once said, listen to your heart.  White rural America is calling for you.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, get smart, get your asses in gear, and leave the costs and hazards and anti-white hatred of cities and suburbs behind.


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