To Fam, From Sam (Part VI)

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Editor’s Note: Sam is a Full Haus fan favorite, the oldest Birth Panelist, and has more children than most of us combined. This is the sixth installment of his autobiography, available exclusively on We will continue to release new chapters every week. Check back regularly for the latest edition from the Dickens of white nationalism!

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Part VI

It has been a few days since I have written, which helps because I want to keep the important lessons and purpose of this piece in view. It is easy to get lost in the weeds in this. I am recalling some events from the 80s which were on my mind: The Order and the death of Robert J. Matthews, the murder of Gordon Kahl, the space shuttle Challenger disaster. I remember seeing that last one on a TV in a lounge at school. The shock of seeing something like that on the news was something unforgettable. This was before cable TV and internet were commonly available.

I graduated college and got a good job in my field. I worked at a mid-sized industrial plant and I was very unpolished and young. I would get into stupid arguments with blacks on race and politics. Unfortunately, this hard lesson took me a while for me to learn. When you are armed with the good information and tactics of white nationalism you must be careful, because the enemy will notice that you are not staying within the lines. Our arguments are strong and you will find that the enemy will not be able to counter them. But it is worse than useless to argue these things anywhere with negros, even less so on the job. Make sure you tell any young or new person this. Our ideology is a loaded hand grenade and it is the truth. But I was keen to take on anyone on the street, relatives, at church, and on the job.

So, this company I was working at was owned by Jews. Most of the managers and top people were Jews. I tried to be careful around them but it was only years later that I started to perceive the way I was coming off. I had some tattoos already and they were noticed in the locker room by negros. I know some people will say that negros are not the real problem but I disagree. They are deeply anti-white, petty, and mean. I have dealt with them on the job for over 30 years. They are not liberals, just like other non-whites are not liberals. Most liberals are white. Liberalism is a by-product of an affluent quality of life. Non-whites vote or support democratic candidates and policies because they are anti-white. Just like in Europe where the moslem and left-wing parties unite to defeat nationalist parties. This is the fallacy of electoral politics. And we can never have common cause with them.

I noticed one thing in this environment: when the enemy figures you out they will get friendly with you and engage you. They know that they want to keep their friends close and their enemies closer. And it can only work out badly for you because eventually you will make a little mistake. I got in this dumb argument with a Jew in the cafeteria about gun rights when the “Federal Assault Weapons Ban” was being debated. There was growing momentum to ban semi-automatic rifles and large capacity magazines due to massacres in Stockton, CA and Killeen, TX in those times.

I was scheduled to work on a Saturday, but it was a day I had requested off because I was invited to the wedding of an old friend that day. The superintendent told me not to insist on the day off because I was new and he did not want the plant manager to be disgusted with me. I was getting ready for work that Saturday afternoon when the plant manager called me and said there was an accident at the plant and not to come in. It turns out a couple guys died and a bunch more were injured doing periodic maintenance work. The old plant had a rail line going through it. It was how they received raw materials decades before then. The railroad ties were preserved with cresol. The Jews who managed the plant decided to get rid of them by ripping them out and throwing them in the furnace. (The irony!) The by-products went into the baghouse. When a 2-man crew (a negro and a Mexican, but they were veterans) went in to shake down the baghouses for that furnace (as they had done countless times before) they were killed by the dust. When they did not take their break, others went in to find out what happened. The next guy got overcome by the fumes and fell 15 feet from the catwalk on top of another guy. Guys kept going up there to investigate and getting hurt. Eventually it was found that the negro had “fell-out” (I will borrow this negroism) inside the baghouse compartment and the Mexican’s body was found at the compartment hatch, half-way into the compartment. More than a dozen guys in total were injured or killed in this incident.

The layoffs started happening and eventually the plant went out of business within two years. That’s Jews for you.

Ah yes, the Jews…. Backtracking a little: I had a tenuous relationship with religion since age eighteen. It was not that I did not want to believe, it’s just that religion can be such a bad look. Some of us that are older have received a certain affection for the things of the faith from a young age. We have observed to one another that it is evident from interacting with some of our comrades of a certain age that inculcation of religious ideas and feelings really dropped off in the parents of younger Gen Xers, perhaps regrettably. They are absent from some of those things, like a love and affection for characters from religion such as Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother. For that person, discussion of religion is purely academic I suppose, but I have heard the sentiment among such that they wish at times that their parents had given them greater faith.

I can observe that few have much of any kind of belief and even fewer attend any kind of church. Certain ideas about an absolute type of creed and the upholding of a moral code seems so impractical in the 21st century. But at the same time it seems that the unspoken feeling is that when we were at our best, those times in history were accompanied by Christianity. There is a cycle that you can notice recur: the degeneracy and invalidity of this current order is critiqued in a way that leads one back to other ideas that have their consonance in religion but there again you encounter….The Jew.

When I was in my last year or so of college I would learn about the Christian Identity message from a colleague, a really remarkable man. When I was in the gym I would see this old man working out on the heavy bag. I remarked to myself that this guy had to be in his 70s. The guy was big and built. When I took a student position at a technical center I would meet this guy, a PhD in his field. As I got to know him he explained many important things to me. He showed me a picture of him when he was young. Apparently he had been a boxer. This guy looked like a sculpture of a Greek God, heavily muscled with big V-shaped back. (Turned out he was part Greek.) One time, he came into work and told me how he beat the shit out of some young guy the previous night for smarting off to him. I could only believe him.

It took me at least 3 or 4 years to get to the point that I understood and accepted the Christian Identity message. Probably some readers will scoff at this subject. I could not blame anyone for taking this position when you consider all the child molesters, homosexuals, and charlatans associated with religion. It is easy to paint it all with the broad stroke of the brush. There is a certain type of person in our scene that is inclined to take a very anti-christian point of view and are given to fervent expression of it. I am not against this person per se; I understand them.

From my young adulthood I began to notice that there were certain things wrong with religion. As I began to better understand the Jewish question there were things I could not square with religion. Jews are thought of as another race and yet the average white person cannot positively and reliably identify one. It really takes some talent and practice to do it. I was talking to a colleague in the plant with whom I felt safe to speak about white nationalism. When I spoke of the Jews he said that he could not name one and did not know what they looked like. I said, “You know, like Jerry Seinfeld…” This is why American whites are inclined to be sympathetic to the Jews in Israel. It appears to them like the fair-haired, white skinned Israelis versus the dark-skinned lawless gangs of Palestinians…

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