The Homeschool Episode

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As autumn and difficult schooling choices for parents approach this year, we thought it was important to resurrect our homeschooling episode from the vault. We’re not posting it to the regular feed to avoid gumming up the RSS works, but it is now available on YouTube and Bitchute thanks to Mr. Producer.

Do your homework and listen…and don’t be intimidated by the prospect of keeping your precious progeny home to educate them.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Most Requested Topic:

1) Introduction of Rob Freeman
2) Whitey McGee Marriage Announcement
3) Mark Collett Daughter Announcement
4) Local Pal Has 3rd On The Way
5) The Home Schooling Question[s]
6) How Do You Manage Homeschooling w/ Multiple Children?
7) Sites/Sources To Check Out For Curriculum

8) What If Everything Is Just Pozzed By 2029?
9) What If I Can’t Teach More Advanced Topics?
10) Email From An Unmotivated College Aged White Man
11) Rob Self Teaches
12) Sam/Rob Talk About The Maker Movement
13) The Sleep Question
14) The Collapse Of Parenting
15) Coach Reads Comments From Twitter Regarding Homeschooling
16) Was It Tough To Get Going In Your First Year Of Homeschooling?
17) Jayoh Talks About The Importance Of The Classics
18) Do You Focus The Education For Your Child?
19) What Does A Day Of Homeschooling Look Like?
20) How Do You Manage Homeschooling w/ Multiple Children Part 2?
21) Final Thoughts From The Birth Panel

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