To Fam, From Sam (Part VII)

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Editor’s Note: After a long hiatus that was entirely Coach’s fault, Sam’s serialized autobiography is back, this time with an expansion on his religious views. The previous six installments can be found below. Cheers fam.

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Growing up, my aunts were fanatical Catholics and they had this venerated statue of the Blessed Mother in their home, and a bunch of people would go and pray the rosary there. It had some kind of miracles associated with it. Anyway, the statue was a beautifully detailed rendering of this white woman, Mary. (I want to say that the image is consistent with the one that is associated with Our Lady of Fatima.) I started to notice this in all the icons, stations of the cross, paintings, statues, stained glass windows, crucifixes, all of this art featured white people: Adam, Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Christ, the Apostles, Saints from all eras of church history. If you were a Protestant maybe you would say that these were just convenient images on which to hang a name tag. But not if you are Catholic. For the Catholic, most of these images are literally revealed from heaven. Someone might guess about what God the Father looks like but these other images are clearly intended to be historical likenesses. If you are going to say that the Church made these convenient, attractive images to fool the people and inspire faith, then you are not someone who believes at all in the Church. After all, how could anyone be inspired by gazing upon a kinky-haired, hook-nosed, bow-legged, olive-skinned jew on a crucifix, right?

Since Vatican II the churches are not made to be serene and majestic as they once were, but ugly and uninspiring. They also took away the realistic and historical appearances of characters of the faith. What other changes came along with all this?

In the 90s I saw a Discovery Channel program about the iconography of Christ’s face and how artists through the ages have observed a consistent ratio of facial proportions, so that at least in traditional art you always kind of know that it is Him. In the 60s there was a prominent stage production of The Passion that caused a great uproar because an African was cast in the role of Christ. George Lincoln Rockwell wrote about it in his book, White Power. If Christ was a negro then why was this so controversial? Did race matter? Christ was always shown as a white man in art and in recent movies like Jesus of Nazareth (Franco Zeffirelli’s film from the 70s) and The Passion. I recall a skit from Saturday Night Live in the 70s where the jew Gilda Radner played a teen-age girl infatuated with the blue-eyed Jesus from the movie Jesus of Nazareth.

This ambiguity of race between whites and Jews was weighing on my mind. I mean, what box do Jews check on their drivers’ licenses? You can hear the question come up in conversation all the time, including in “our guy” podcasts. One person will say, “Oh, I like this actor, blah, blah.” Another will respond, “He is a jew.” The first will say, “Is he? No, he’s not!” And then someone will smash that early life button and so on. If we were talking about negroes we could not have this argument. So being a jew is something different than being black, yellow or brown. In fact, middle-easterners look at Jews as being eastern Europeans and not belonging in Palestine for that very reason.

I have been told that the problem of Jews appearing white is a manifestation of crypsis. Yes, but not the way you think. I remember seeing a photo of Saddam Hussein’s cabinet and many of them looked white. I have personally known Syrians who could pass for white. There are many examples of people throughout that region that look white, so, it’s not just Jews playing crypsis. Some may think it is ridiculous that I suggest that whites are the true Israelites but you can’t even tell the difference unless you are specially trained. I was at a gig arguing with a Mexican about why I did not accept Jews as white and he said, “But they have white skins?” Yes, obviously, anthropologically we are related in a way but we don’t accept them. They are bastards. Just like every other race. I remember reading an article in Life or Time magazine years ago. There was a pictorial of a bunch of different interesting photographs. One of them was of the chief rabbi in Israel. He was examining an orange for defects using a magnifying glass. He had this beautiful flowing red hair and beard. If you did not understand these ideas I am trying to get across and you did not understand the jew problem you might be forgiven for thinking this man was white.

I am not of course saying that we should accept Jews in any way. I am trying to gird you in a way so you have some tools in the toolbox for handling more complicated arguments. You need to think about these things in a deeper way. If Christianity is a jew-worshipping religion, all races are good and created by God and inter-racial marriage is good then Christianity should be rejected and opposed. But if we reject it then we have a very shallow history indeed and I am not exactly sure what we think we need to fight for.

I began to hear and read things about even the word, jew. Apparently, it is a more recent word, like maybe the twelfth century. It is similar to a French word, iewe. I can tell you that it is not in my Latin missal. They did not have the letter “J” until something like the 16th century. Have you ever seen the crucifix with the letters on it: INRI? Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum. No Js. It is true that the word in Latin or some other languages is different but the meaning remains the same, jew. I only point this out as an entre to show that when you begin to scratch the surface of this topic, things are not what they seem. You may think I am belaboring the point but let me state that all I hear about constantly is “Jews” and I am saying this term is confusing because it is obfuscating some things.

The word jew does not appear in your modern English language bibles until 2 Kings 25:32. So let’s try this little exercise: those people being referred to as Jews in that verse were people that belonged to the ‘House of Judah’. OK, so those people are Jews. That country was the result of a secession of the other 10 (of 12) tribes in a civil war, of sorts. That other country became known as the ‘House of Israel’. So, those people are Jews, too, I suppose because they are (were) the countrymen of the ‘House of Judah’ people. OK. So when they were all one kingdom they had kings like Solomon, David and Saul – so those have to be Jews, too. So we can keep going back, Joshua, Moses, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Enoch, Adam and Eve – all Jews, right?

Well, I am not going to bore you with a bible study here but consider that the word jew in my missal and in the original languages is understood better by us now to be “Judean” and means like a citizen of a region (like a Texan in Texas, or like a Judaean in the Roman province, “Judaea”, and may or may not imply something about race depending on the time and place), or a member of the tribe of Judah (a Judah-ite, you might say), or someone belonging to the ‘House of Judah’ which was a result of the dissolution of the kingdom of Israel in the Old Testament.

Also, consider that this is a long story with a lot of twists and turns. I am just going to give you some food for thought and maybe we can talk about it in depth some other time. God made Adam and Eve but it does not talk about Him making all these other diverse races. The allegory of trees used for people and nations is all over the bible. There was a problem in the Garden of Eden, something about eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It can be heard to be remarked in different contexts about the “original sin”, such as literature and music and let’s just say that the reference is not about eating apples. For example, I refer you to the song, Original Sin by INXS. Go read the lyrics. “Dream on White Boy, Dream on Black Girl.” There is another song, Original Sin by Elton John. It’s not gay though he is. And there are plenty of other references in literature and elsewhere to make my point. The term “Original Sin” is understood to be a sexual transgression. Virgins that are vol-cels and not so because ugly or retarded are esteemed as something special, certainly before this degenerate age. Why?

I have heard the Biblical Jacob had stolen Esau’s birthright but it actually says that Esau ‘despised’ his birthright. Despised it how? He took foreign wives and he took to the mountains of Edom. His descendants were known as Edomites and God said that He literally hated the Edomites. Turns out that a few centuries before Christ the Edomites were ‘converted’ to the faith of the Israelites. By the time of Christ they had supplanted many of the true Israelites in government and religion. Does this resemble anything from our current day? You may recall that Herod the Idumean (Edomite) attempted to kill the Christ-child for some reason.

Going back in time, Jacob had twelve sons which became the patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel. One of them, Judah was to be the kingly tribe, producing kings, especially one very important King, the Messiah. But Judah married Bethshuah, a Canaanite. They produced three sons, Ur, Onan and Selah. Tamar, a true Israelite, married Ur but God killed him. She was passed off to Onan but God killed him, too. After a while it became clear that she would not be given to Selah. This was important in a society where women relied on marriage and bearing a male child to secure their well-being. (Marrying well and producing male heir(s) remains among the most important things a woman can do for herself in our time even if everybody does not want to admit it.) So, Tamar (a true Israelite) seduced her father-in-law, the drunk Judah (and a true Israelite) and produced the twins Pharez and Zerah. Christ would spring from the line of Pharez, a genuine Israelite without falseness (John 1:47). (Judah and Selah went on to produce Canaanite bastard children with other wives.)

So I am not saying that Jews are white. We should not accept them. They are of their father who was a murderer from the beginning. I am saying that it is a case of the wheat and the tares. They can be indistinguishable until they show themselves. Wheat and tares will look almost the same until the harvest time when the wheat bends over, heavy with wheat-berries. The (proud) tares remain standing tall so that the reaper’s scythe can catch them up, off to the flames, I presume. They are the “rotten figs of Judah”. Read Jeremiah 24. There was a good basket of figs in Judah (Christ’s line) and the bad figs who would be a “curse and a reproach unto the kingdoms of the earth”. Does that sound like anyone you know?

There are a great many things I have learned on this topic and I could go on and on. It is a very interesting field of study. After all, why is all of this so important? Aside from the religion and that He is our blood, our Kinsman-Redeemer, our whole civilization is entwined with the history of the church. Our morals and jurisprudence are founded on Christianity. Our culture, our holidays, our very names are all bound up with it. My greatest desire is to give you back your religion which was taken from you. Whether you believe in God or not, when you go into a beautiful church I want you to think, our people. When you hear the sublime and mystical Gregorian chant raise up I want you to think, our people. When you see the heroes enshrined in stained glass I want you to think, our people. When you gaze upon a statue of the beautiful Virgin and the Holy Infant I want your heart to well up with sacred emotion and think, our people. One might ask, “What about the pagans?” I can only say that many pagan stories tell similar stories as we have in Christianity.

Christ said, “I have come only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” How did they get lost? Where did they go and how did they get there? Check out 1 Macabees 12:23. Apparently the Spartans and the Hebrews are related according to this verse.

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