Fatherhood & White Nationalism

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Editor’s Note: For some of our men, becoming a father becomes a hindrance to involvement in the pro-white cause, due to fear of the consequences. For others, fatherhood becomes a primary motivator. A Full Haus listener originally submitted this piece to The Mannerbund.

“Why are you a White Nationalist?”

We rarely get asked the question, but we think about the answer all the time. Some arrive at our worldview as avid readers or students of history, others sense that something is deeply wrong in our society and want to know why, and many are simply principled men who refuse to accept lies and hypocrisy. For me it was a little bit of all of the above, but I really became a White Nationalist only after becoming a father.

I can’t properly describe my emotions upon the birth of our daughter, but I’m sure they were shared by first-time fathers through the ages: Unique pride, love, and overwhelming joy. I cried when each of our children was born. They are by far the happiest moments of my life, but lurking just behind those moments was also fear. The same fears every parent has I’m sure, but for me, and maybe for you, there was more. Not just fear of illness or for their safety, but a realization that they were born into a world that hates them, that wants them and every child like them broken – or gone. And quick glances around the maternity wards confirmed they were already a minority in their generation. My entire worldview changed upon becoming a father. My little boys and girls, their entire future, and the future of their children depended on me. And on us.

“Our lives are not our own.”

I had to do something. Complaining online and sharing edgy memes wasn’t nearly enough. Voting for Trump and the eternally-useless GOP wasn’t going to help. I had to find a community that offered more security, talent, and optimism than I could provide on my own. It wasn’t just about my kids, but the entire lifeblood of our youth. I felt obligated to toil in the service of building them a real future, and ultimately a real country not dead set on their destruction.

All too often, our people will get “redpilled” but merely shrug, throw their hands up and exclaim that it’s all just too much to do anything about…and go back to their “normal” life but much more miserable about it than before. I couldn’t do this as a father.

Many White fathers who share our ideas are nevertheless reluctant to join our cause out of fear for their incomes, their safety, or concern that the system is too strong to be defeated. There is a push-pull dynamic for these men: They feel deep in their bones the call to duty in service of our people, but also a dark foreboding at the consequences they might face for standing in defiance of evil.

I wasn’t afforded the false comfort of pretending everything would end up fine, nor could I embrace the selfish nihilism of not caring about anything to come after my own life expired. Those who say that being involved in real life is too much of a risk are simply trading a guaranteed doom later for comforts now. They are hoping things will magically change on their own, or worse, actively relying on others to assume the risk for them.

And of course there is a risk to joining the struggle. No dissident movement in history operated without it. America’s founding revolutionaries feared they would be hanged for their revolt against the superpower of the day. The difference is that now the enemy has made clear – in no uncertain terms – that they are coming for you and your children. This is no conspiracy theory. They brag about it. And you still might be more concerned about your soulless corporate job?

So if you are one of those fence-sitters hedging your bets, you can go along to get along and hide in obscurity…but for how much longer? Never before has a regime been so blatantly anti-white. Never before has it been this manifestly obvious. The enemy is constantly testing the waters to see what they can get away with. Imagine the atrocities when they decide they no longer have to be “soft” totalitarians. I can’t shirk duty and abandon my children and grandchildren to that fate, no matter the cost.

I am a White Nationalist BECAUSE I am a White father, not despite being one.

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