Full Haus Special: Hot Mics

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Unbeknownst to us, for over two years our producer Rolo has kept his local recording running during our show breaks – not as a blackmail collection enterprise! – but out of necessity.

Well…he has curated about an hour of us chatting when we thought we were “off mic.” The conversations span everything from Chicago to mothers-in-law, drug abuse, Patriot Front, EMS realities, a pop culture geekout, Mormonism, and even Scotland and Russian history. I think – or hope – it shows that we are more or less the same men off the show as we are on.

What you’ll hear won’t change your life, but it is an entertaining grab bag. At minimum, it provides a peak behind the curtain of this labor of love that now spans almost five years and 175 episodes.

Since it is somewhat sensitive, it’s only available through Cantwell’s Surreal Politiks network, where you’ll get access to all his content and future partners as well. Thanks for your support! – Coach

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