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One of the most enjoyable aspects of doing the show is choosing the music every week. This is one area where Coach usually rules with an iron fist, but when one of the Birth Panelists has a good suggestion or a guest offers up a gem of a track, he abides.

Here for all eternity then are the selections dating back to Episode 1. Note: the show was originally just an hour long, so we only had a closing track in the early days. And the opening track is always a bespoke remix by Mister Producer of the track “Valhalla” by Danish group Nutstar. The original is here and the Full Haus version can be downloaded from Telegram here.

Ep 1: “Ode to Son.” Lyrics and narration by Mark Brahmin, music by Xurious

Ep 2: “Acquiesce” by Oasis

Ep 3: “Free” by Phish

Ep 4: “Superunknown” by Soundgarden

Ep 5: “Current of Love” by David Hasselhoff

Ep 6: “Abortion” by Kid Rock

Ep 7: “The Drunken Whaler” by Johari

Ep 8: “Darkness” by Daniel Deluxe

Ep 9: “White Boy” by Transcaucasian Airmachine Blues (Grace Slick and Paul Kantner) (DJ Sam on this one)

Ep 10: “Daughter” by Loudon Wainwright III

Ep 11: “USSR” by Eddy Huntington

Ep 12 Break: “Cats in the Cradle” by Ugly Kid Joe

Ep 12 Close: “Freedom” by Rage Against the Machine

Ep 13 Break: “One Woman Man” by George Jones

Ep 13 Close: “Busy Child” by The Crystal Method

Ep 14 Break: “The One I Loved Back Then” by George Jones

Ep 14 Close: “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult

Ep 15 Break: “White Lightning” by George Jones

Ep 15 Close: “Downstairs” by James

Ep 16 Break: The New World Symphony (Movement 4) by Antonin Dvorak

Ep 16 Close: “Some Kind of Love” by The Killers

Ep 17 Break: “Scotland the Brave

Ep 17 Close: “Think Twice” by Eve6

Ep 18 Break: “CREAM” by El Michels Affair

Ep 18 Close: “Bald” by The Darkness

Ep 19 Break: “The Swimming Song” by Loudon Wainwright III

Ep 19 Close: “Living on a Thin Line” by The Kinks

Ep 20 Break: “Take Shelter” by Ben Nichols

Ep 20 Close: “High Hopes” by David Gilmour (Live in Danzig)

Ep 21 Break: “Older Women” by Ronnie McDowell

Ep 21 Close: “Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen

Ep 22 Break: “Whatever you Say, Say Nothing” by Makem & Clancy

Ep 22 Close: “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio

Ep 23 Break: “Stay the Night” by Benjamin Orr (of The Cars)

Ep 23 Close: “Hallowed Be Thy Name” by Iron Maiden

Ep 24 Close: “She Moved Through the Faire” performed by our very own Sam

Epi 25 Break: “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” by Johann Sebastian Bach

Ep 25 Close: “Terminator II Theme

Ep 26 Break: “Give Blood” by Pete Townshend

Ep 26 Close: “Machine” by Circus of Power

Ep 27 Break: “Iris” by The New Division

Ep 27 Close: “Undo the Silence” by Pulser

Ep 28 Break: “My Dad and Me” by Sam & His Daughter!

Ep 28 Close: “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby

Ep 29 Break: “Boys” by Charli XCX (Blame Smasher for this one)

Ep 29 Close: “Glosoli” by Sigur Ros

Ep 30 Break: “Flight” by Tristam & Braken (DJ Junior on this one!)

Ep 30 Close: “It’s Christmas Time” by our very own Sam & His Family

Ep 31 Break: “Sharing the Night Together” by Dr. Hook

Ep 31 Close: “Every Day” by Eric Prydz

Ep 32 Break: “Nobody Rides for Free” by Ratt (closing track to Point Break)

Ep 32 Close: “If I Needed You” by Townes Van Zandt (DJ Mister Producer)

Ep 33 Break: “Apache” by The Incredible Bongo Band

Ep 33 Close: “Inox” by Eric Prydz / Pryda (DJ Apache)

Ep 34 Break: “Time Stand Still” by Rush

Ep 34 Close: “Lady in Black” by Uriah Heep

Ep 35 Break: “Crazy” by Lost Frequencies & Zonderling (just enjoy the music, pay no attention to the video)

Ep 35 Close: “Keep Your Rifle By Your Side” by the Hope County Choir

Ep 36 Break: “Synthetic Nights” by Marvel83

Ep 36 Close: “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits

Ep 37 Break: “The Portal” by Burzum

Ep 37 Close: “We’ll Have a Home Again” by The Mannerbund! (DJ Nam)

Ep 38 Break: “No Easy Way Out” by Robert Tepper (from the Rocky IV Soundtrack)

Ep 38 Close: “Lonely People” by America (audience request)

Ep 39 Break: “Survival” by Vanguard & Xurious (DJ Rusty)

Ep 39 Close: “Win In the End” by Mark Safan (from the Teen Wolf Soundtrack!)

Ep 40 Opening: “Virus” by Deltron 3030

Ep 40 Break: “That’s All” by Genesis (DJ Moto)

Ep 40 Close: “My Silver Lining” by First Aid Kit (probably Coach’s favorite song ever played on the show)

Ep 41 Break: “Balls to the Wall” by Accept

Ep 41 Close: “Young Men Dead” by The Black Angels (from the True Detective Soundtrack)

Ep 42 Break: “Wicked Garden” by Stone Temple Pilots

Ep 42 Close: “They Don’t Care About Us” (uncensored version) by Michael Jackson

Ep 43 Break: “We Can’t be Beaten” by Rose Tattoo (DJ Thumos)

Ep 43 Close: “Ma Vlast” by Bedrich Smetana (as heard in the Tree of Life Soundtrack)

Ep 44 Break: “White Power” by Skrewdriver

Ep 44 Close: “Hate Us and See If We Mind” by Rome (DJ Smasher)

Ep 45 Break: “Ode to Son” by Mark Brahmin & Xurious (see first episode closing track above πŸ™‚

Ep 45 Close: “Into the Fire” by Dokken

Ep 46 Break: “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera

Ep 46 Close: “Green Grass and High Tides” by The Outlaws

Ep 47 Break: “21st Century Digital Boy” by Bad Religion

Ep 47 Close: “Jesu Meine Freude” by Johann Sebastian Bach

Ep 48 Break: “Another Space Song” by Failure (DJ Monoxide)

Ep 48 Close: “Through the Fire and Flames” by DragonForce (DJ Jayoh)

Ep 49 Close: “I’m a White Boy” by Merle Haggard (DJ Blind Dad!)

Ep 50 Break: “Dirty Black Summer” by Danzig

Ep 50 Close: “1st of Tha Month” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (DJ Jayoh)

Ep 51 Break: “Running” by Grum

Ep 51 Close: “Born to Be Wasted” by 009 Sound System

Ep 52 Break: “Tick of the Clock” by The Chromatics (from the Drive Soundtrack)

Ep 52 Close: “Bang Your Head” by Quiet Riot

Ep 53 Close: “Atlantic City” by The Band

Ep 54 Break: “Dudelzack” by Schandmaul

Ep 54 Close: “Hold Back the Night” by The Protomen, as made immortal by Murdoch Murdoch

Ep 55 Break: “Big in Japan” by Alphaville, in honor of Alt Skull

Ep 55 Close: “Old Albion” by Skrewdriver (DJ Sam)

Ep 56 Break: “Woken Furies” by Gunship

Ep 56 Close: “Ride of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner (DJ Wifey)

Ep 57 Break: β€œSimple Man” by the Charlie Daniels Band (F) 

Ep 57 Close: β€œThe Mary Ellen Carter” by Stan Rogers (DJ NatScot) 

Ep 58 Break: “Hello in There” by John Prine

Ep 58 Close: “The Man Who Sold The World” by David Bowie (DJ Smasher)

Ep 59 Break: “This is Deutsch” by Eisbrecher 

Ep 59 Close: “The Battle Cry of Freedom, Southern Version” (DJ Roscoe)

Ep 60 Close: “One Lion’s Roar” by Rome (DJ NatScot)

Ep 61 Break: “Trailer We Call Home” by Whiskey Myers 

Ep 61 Close: “The Men Behind the Wire” 

Ep 62 Close: “Stay Young” by Don Williams

Ep 63 Break: “Crab Rave” by Noisestorm

Ep 63 Close: “Autumn” by Paul van Dyk

Ep 64 Break: β€œLove Me Better” by Love Thy Brother

Ep 64 Close: β€œTalk” (Thin White Duke remix) by Coldplay.  Mister Reproducer on the wheels of steel 

Ep 65 Break: The National Anthem of the Soviet Union 

Ep 65 Close: β€œThat’s All” by DDT 

Ep 66 Break: β€œ45 Years” by Stan Rogers (DJ Borzoi) 

Ep 66 Close: β€œSong for Zula” by Phosphorescent

Ep 67: No tunes! Election night livestream

Ep 68 Break: “The End” by Pryda

Ep 69 Break: “Open Up Your Eyes” by Tonic

Ep 69 Close: “Liberate” by Eric Prydz

Ep 70 Break: β€œSide by Side” by Mistreat  AND β€œHated Few” by Birthrite (DJ Sam)

Ep 70 Close: β€œBreathe” by Eric Prydz 

William Pierce Thanksgiving Special Close: “Ready Steady Go” by Paul Oakenfold

Ep 71 Break: “Keys to Gramercy Park” by Deadsy

Ep 71 Close: “Coyotes” by Don Edwards

Ep 72 Break: “Oh Holy Night” by Sam & His Fam!

Ep 72 Close: “Walking in the Air” by Peter Auty & Howard Blake

Ep 73 Close: “Ein feste burg ist unser Gott” by Martin Luther

Ep 74 Close: “Pangaea” by Michael Cassette

Ep 75 Break: “Land of Confusion” by Disturbed

Ep 75 Close: “Edelweiss” (DJ Sam)

Ep 76 Opening: β€œWe’re Revolutionaries” by Byron de la Vandal

Ep 76 Break sea shanties: β€œAll for Me Grog” and β€œPortsmouth

Ep 76 Close: β€œEscape” by Rupert Holmes

Ep 77 Break: 1812 Overture by Pyotr Tchaikovsky (with cannons!)

Ep 77 Close: One More Try by Timmy T

Ep 78 Break: “Chasing You” by Morgan “Hard R” Wallen

Ep 78 Close: “Hangin’ Tough” by New Kids on the Block

Ep 79 Close: “Jailbreak” by AC/DC

Ep 80 Break: “You’ll Be OK” by Gareth Emery

Ep 80 Close: “Japan” by Tycho

Ep 81 Break: “Where’d You Go?” by Mr. Bond

Ep 81 Close: “Jackie Don’t Go” by Survivor

Ep 82 Break: “Homegrown” by the Zac Brown Band

Ep 82 Close: “Stayed Awake All Night” by Krokus

Ep 83 Close: “Sublimation” by Neo Fresco

Ep 84 Break: “Forever” by Farius

Ep 84 Close: “Nordland” by Landser (DJ Sam)

Ep 85 Break: β€œFarthest Star” by VNV Nation

Ep 85 Close: β€œAppalachian Spring” by Aaron Copland (we know)

Ep 86 Close: “Pump it Up” by Endor

Ep 87 Supershow Bumper Track: “Out There and Back” by Paul van Dyk

Ep 88 Break: “Erika” composed by Herms Niel

Ep 88 Close: “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” from Cabaret

Ep 89 Break: β€œBreaking the Chains” by Dokken

Ep 89 Close: β€œHeroic” by Husman 

Ep 90 Break: β€œWorking Class Patriot” by Arresting Officers

Ep 90 Close: β€œSmash the Cosmopolitan” by Fascine

Ep 91 Break: “Deregulate” by Elegant Borzoi

Ep 91 Close: “Seed of Memory” by Terry Reid

Ep 92 Break: “Happy Nation” by Ace of Base (DJ Andreas)

Ep 92 Close: “Du Gamla Du Fria” (Thou Ancient, Thou Free) – The National Anthem of Sweden (DJ Sam, go figure!)

Ep 93 Close: “Bad Company” by Bad Company (DJ Handsome Truth, in honor of fond memories with his father)

Ep 94 Break: “Ode to a Dying People” by Saga

Ep 94 Break: “Alive” by Pearl Jam

Ep 95 Close: “Country Roads” by John Denver

Ep 96 Break: β€œCruel Summer” by Bananarama

Ep 96 Close: β€œOut of the Limits” by Wellington Arms

Ep 97 Break: “Young Hearts” by Commuter (dedicated to Jack & Jill!)

Ep 97 Close: “Wolves” by Ryan Bingham

Ep 98 Break: “Danny Boy” performed by Johnny Cash

Ep 98 Close: “Summer’s Almost Gone,” by The Doors

Ep 99 Break: “Peace Sells But Who’s Buyin?” by Megadeth

Ep 99 Close: “We All Lift Together” – two versions! First by Freya Catherine; second by Keith Power

Ep 100 Close: “Wolf Totem” by The Hu

Full Frontier: “The Light In You” by Anske

Ep 101 Break: “Dystopia Now” by Mental Minority

Ep 101 Close: “The Foggy Dew” by the Chieftains

Ep 102 Close: β€œRace Land” by Final War and β€œI Am the Superior” by We Want War (DJ JHate)

Ep 103 Break: “Seven Nation Army” by Skald

Ep 103 Close: “True Blue” by John Williamson (DJ Aussies)

Ep 104 Break: β€œWe Will Rise Again” by Dan Romer feat. Meredith Godreau

Ep 104 Close: β€œTear” by Lost Years

Ep 105 Break: “Night on Bald Mountain” by Modest Mussorgsky

Ep 105 Close: “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker, Jr.

Ep 106 Break: β€œAcrobat” by U2

Ep 106 Close: β€œWhat Else Is There?” by Royksopp

Ep 107 Break: “Sirius” updated by Armin van Buuren & Avira

Ep 107 Close: “Ten Little Nigger Boys” by Preeti Sagar

Ep 108 Break: “Dixieland” by Jackyl

Ep 108 Close: “Oh Crystal Night” by the Fourteen Seasons

Ep 109 Break: “Wake Up My People” by Johnny Rebel

Ep 109 Close: “Seek and Destroy by Metallica

Cantwell Special 2 Close: “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash

Ep 110 Break: β€œCello Suite in G Major, Prelude” by Johann Sebastian Bach

Ep 110 Close: β€œNew Theory” by Washed Out

Ep 111 Break: Break: “Years of War” by Porter Robinson

Ep 111 Close: “Silent Night” by Bing Crosby

Ep 112 Bumper: β€œCome with Us” by the Chemical Brothers

Ep 112 Break: β€œBad Enough Dude” by Mogi Grumbles

Ep 112 Close: β€œA Christmas Wish” by Sam and his Family

Ep 113 Break: β€œHave a Drink on Me” by AC/DC

Ep 113 Close: β€œNana” by Orkidea 

Ep 114 Break: β€œChange of Heart” by El Perro del Mar

Ep 114 Close: β€œMammagamma” by the Alan Parsons Project

Ep 115 Break: β€œSong for Lindy” by Fatboy Slim

Ep 115 Close (DJ Sammelia): Heilung Norupo

FH Special (War Drums in Europe) Break:

FH Special Close: β€œRasputin” by Boney M

Ep 116 Break: β€œWon’t Back Down” by Tom Petty (DJ Phil Tourney)

Ep 116 Close: β€œSomebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane

Ep 117 Close: β€œCrusader” by Saxon

Ep 118 Break: β€œDa Som Nu For Alltid” by Kent

Ep 118 Close: β€œPurple Drank” by Rolo!

Ep 119 Break: β€œThe Curtain” by Olivia Key

Ep 119 Close: β€œFatherland” by Bound for Glory (DJ Sam)

Ep 120 Close: β€œMoscow” by Genghis Khan (DJ Rolo)

Ep 121: Break: β€œTwo Minutes to Midnight” by Iron Maiden (DJ Rolo)

Ep 121 Close: β€œGet Out” by Black Magick SS (DJ Mitgartner)

Ep 122 Break: β€œNight on Bald Mountain” (metal version) by Wolf Hoffmann (DJ Wolfie)

Ep 122 Close: β€œWhen the Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash (DJ Rusty)

Ep 123 Break: β€œGood ol’ Boy” by Waylon Jennings (DJ Rory)

Ep 123 Close: β€œRooster” by Alice in Chains

Ep 124 Break: “Fashwave 1939” by Joseph Retrostein

Ep 124 Close: “Wake Up” by Arkham Knights & Jam El Mar

Ep 125 Bumper: “Walk Away” by Bricklin

Ep 125 Break: “Degeneration” Traditional Quebecois Folk Song (DJ Wes)

Ep 125 Close: “In Time” by Robbie Robb

Ep126 Opener: β€œOde to Son” by Mark Brahmin and Xurious

Ep 126 Break: β€œKing of Wishful Thinking” by Go West

Ep 126 Close: β€œAlone” by Estiva (Grum Remix)

Ep 127 Break: β€œFine Again” by Seether

Ep 127 Close: β€œBack Home in Derry” by 1916 (DJ Smasher)

Ep 128 Bumper: β€œDiesel Power” (Instrumental Pain Remix) by The Prodigy

Ep 128 Close: β€œA Call to Men of Noble Blood” by Death the Leveller (DJ Sam)

Ep 129 Break: β€œEat the Rich” by Motorhead

Ep 129 Close: β€œWolf” by First Aid Kit

Ep 130 Break: Lawyers Guns and Money by Warren Zevon

Ep 130 Close: Have a Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt

Ep 131 Bumper: β€œWhat You Need” by INXS

Ep 131 Break: β€œIllegal Smile” by John Prine

Ep 131 Close: β€œKnockin’ on Your Screen Door” by John Prine

Ep 132 Break: β€œNeed You Tonight” by INXS (Static Revenger Mix)

Ep 132 Close: β€œBonfire” by Third Eye Blind

Ep 133 Break: β€œSome Heads are Gonna Roll” by Judas Priest

Ep 133 Close: β€œThe Sentinel” by Judas Priest (DJ Rolo)

Ep 134 Break: “Midnight Mover” by Accept

Ep 134 Close: “Oasis” by Thyme & Place, featuring Meve

Ep 135 Close: β€œSummertime Blues” by Zach Bryan

Ep 136 Break: β€œThe Nationalist” by Final War (DJ Pablo)

Ep 136 Close: β€œWish the Lads Were Here” by Skullhead (DJ Sam)

Ep 137 Break: “Horse Soldier” by Cole Lund (DJ Kahl)

Ep 137 Close: “Man on the Silver Mountain” by Rainbow

Ep 138 Break: “Hard Look” by Rolandskvadet (DJ Lauritz)

Ep 138 Close: “O, Valhalla” by Skald

Ep 139 Break: β€œLet’s Roll” by Ward-Iz

Ep 139 Close: β€œMeet me at the Dance” by September 87

Ep 140 Bumper: β€œDarkness” by Daniel Deluxe

Ep 140 Double shot closer: β€œTo Her Door” by Tom Kelly (DJ Sewell) and β€œSuddenly” by Skrewdriver (DJ Sam, in honor of Ian Stuart Donaldson)

Ep 141 Break: β€œWho’s Gonna Fight in World War 3?” by Paddy Tarleton

Ep 141 Close: β€œBrute Force” by Daniel Deluxe

Ep 142 Break: β€œDon’t Come Home a Drinkin’ with Lovin’ On Your Mind” by Loretta Lynn

Ep 142 Close: β€œJason” by The Midnight featuring Nikki Flores (DJ Rolo)

Ep 143 Bumper: β€œDMC 12 Gauge” by Red Marker

Ep 143 Break: β€œThat House” by Dance With the Dead

Ep 143 Close: β€œHis Eyes” by Pseudo Echo (DJ Rolo)

Ep 144 Break: β€œDig Up Her Bones” by The Misfits

Ep 144 Close: β€œBrave New Love” by Alien (DJ Rolo)

Ep 145 Bumper: β€œAin’t Talkin’ β€˜Bout Love” remix by DJ Zparky

Ep 145 Break: β€œGive Me Your Love” by Gateway Drugs

Ep 145 Close: β€œTokyo” by 3LAU

Ep 146 Bumper: “Orgasmatron” by Motorhead

Ep 146 Break: “Wellington Arms” by Wellington Arms (DJ Sam)

Ep 146 Close: “More, More, More” by the Andrea True Connection

Ep 147 Break: β€œIn the Air Tonight” by Nonpoint

Ep 147 Close: β€œPlayaz Club” by Rappin 4-Tay 

Ep 148 Bumper: β€œLouisiana Fairytale” by Fats Waller

Ep 148 Break: β€œOh Holy Night” by Sam & The Fam

Ep 148 Close: β€œA Winter Wassail” by Faith & the Muse

Ep 149 Bumper: β€œBack in the Saddle” by Aerosmith

Ep 149 Break: β€œWar Drums” by No Face Nate

Ep 149 Close: β€œRunning up that Hill” by Meg Myers

Ep 150 Break: β€œAnother Brick in the Wall Pt. 2” by Pink Floyd (DJ Ramos)

Ep 150 Close: β€œStreet of Dreams” by Rainbow

Ep 151: Bumper: β€œRoll It Up” by The Crystal Method

Ep 151 Break: β€œGeronimo” by Sheppard

Ep 151 Close: β€œThis Must Be the Place” by Brothertiger

Ep 152 Break: β€œI’m on Fireβ€œ

Ep 152 Close: The Poison Tastes So Sweet β€“ lyrics by Thomas Sewell

Ep 153 Break: Rain on the Scarecrow

Ep 153 Close: Domino

Ep 154 Bumper: Prodigy

Ep 154 Break: Svanrand by Heilung

Ep 154 Close: Heileger Krieg – β€œWhat Have We Done?β€œ

Ep 155 Close: β€œBench Seat” by Chase Rice

Ep 156 Break: Wind at My Back by Brothertiger

Ep 156 Close: You Were the Best by Xurious feat. Hiraeth

Ep 157: Break: β€œSurvival” by TesseracT

Ep 157 Close: β€œTerminator Theme” by Brad Fiedel

Ep 158 Break: β€œEradicate” by Battlefront (DJ Sam)

Ep 158 Close: β€œAnvil of Crom” from Conan the Barbarian (DJ AS1488)

Ep 159 Break: β€œOne Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head

Ep 159 Close: β€œYou’re a Man” by Hot Beef Injection

Ep 160 Break: “Summertime Dream” by Gordon Lightfoot

Ep 160 Close: “Strangers in the Night” by Italove

Ep 161 Close: “I’ve Always Been Crazy” by Waylon Jennings (DJ Brad Lewis)

Ep 162 Break: “To the Hellfire” by Lorna Shore (DJ Jayoh)

Ep 162 Close: “Dream Warriors” by Dokken

Ep 163 Break: β€œThe Resistance” by Skillet (DJ Ike)

Ep 163 Close: β€œAn Ending (Ascent)” by Brian Eno

Ep 164 Break: Sandstorm by Darude (DJ Rolo)

Ep 164 Close: A Case of Pride by Skrewdriver (DJ Sam)

Ep 165 Bumper: β€œCyberpunk” by Omnia

Ep 165 Break: β€œTry That in a Small Town” by Jason Aldean

Ep 165 Close: β€œSummertime Sadness” (synthwave version, Rolo enhancement) by Lana del Ray

Ep 166 Bumper: Mastermind (Instrumental) by Deltron 3030

Ep 166 Break: Rich Men North of Richmond by Oliver Anthony

Ep 166 Close: β€œBattle Hymn of the Republic” by the Tabernacle Choir

Ep 167 Bumper: Cherub Rock by the Smashing Pumpkins

Ep 167 Break: Heavy Eyes by Zach Bryan

Ep 167 Close: Track 2 by Hild

Ep 168 Bumper: 1985 by Chicane

Ep 168 Break: Highwayman by The Highwaymen

Ep 168 Close: Farewell Ian Stuart by Hild

Ep 169 Break: Max Resist & The Runes – Here She Comes Again

Ep 169 Close: Carl Orff – O Fortuna

Ep 170 Bumper: He Rises by Hyper

Ep 170 Break: Authority by Vondkreistan

Ep 170 Close: The Exorcist Theme (Synthwave/Darkwave Cover) – Unbending Puppets

Ep 171 Break: Highway Kind by Townes Van Zandt

Ep 171 Close: A New Beginning by Wolfie’s Just Fine

Ep 172 Break: Soldat by Endstufe (DJ German Mike)

Ep 172 Close: American Kids by Kenny Chesney (DJ Robert)

Ep 173 Bumper: Fjolsvin by Danheim

Ep 173 Break: The Bold Fenian Men (DJ McNallen)

Ep 173 Close: Tyr by Wardruna

Ep 174 Bumper: Million Dollar Man Theme

Ep 174 Break: Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford (DJ Conrad)

Ep 174: Close: Running for So Long from The Peanut Butter Falcon

Ep 175: Bumper: Coming of Age by Foster the People

Ep 175 Break: Seeing Red by Unwritten Law

Ep 175 Close: Between the Lines by Julian Gray & Midnite Amity

Ep 176 Bumper: Louisiana Fairytale by Fats Waller (Fatherland Classic Opener)

Ep 176 Break: Makin’ Whoopee by Charlie and His Orchestra (DJ Jim)

Ep 176 Close: We Wish You a Merry Christmas by Nordwind (DJ Sam)

Ep 177 Bumper: Visions by New Arcades

Ep 177 Break: Back to Life by Ollie Wride

Ep 177 Close: Fallout by Davey Asprey

Ep 178 Break: Send Me an Angel by Gunship

Ep 178 Close: Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward (DJ Rolo)

Ep 179 Break: “Kids” by One Republic

Ep 179 Close: “Shrivel Up” by Devo (DJ Vril Smith)

Ep 180 Bumper: Trickshot by Ceasefire

Ep 180 Break: Ego by The Organism 

Ep 180 Close: Eternal by No Face Nate (DJ Cantwell)

Ep 181 Bumper: β€œI’m a Ramblin’ Man” by Waylon Jennings

Ep 181 Break: β€œTime for Action” by Birthrite (DJ Sam)

Ep 181 Close: β€œBugman Blues” by Mister Metokur (DJ Rolo)

Ep 182 Bumper: Homegrown by the Zac Brown Band

Ep 182 Break: Mitt Land by Heidrun (DJ Mitgartner)

Ep 182 Close: Message in a Bottle (remix) by 3Lau

Ep 183 Break: Vorwarts! Vorwarts! (DJ Conte)

Ep 183 Close: Suppression of Faith by Squadron (DJ Sam)

Ep 184 Break: The Perfect Girl (DJ Aslan)

Ep 184 Close: Stronger Than You Think You Are by Paul Runewood (DJ Sam)

Ep 185 Break: Β The Battle of New OrleansΒ (DJ Blevins)

Ep 185 Close:Β VilniusΒ by Anske

Ep 186 Break: How Great Thou Art by Alan Jackson (DJ Sarah)

Ep 186 Close: DJ Nate


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