Full Haus Special: Never Recantwell

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Over four years after the fateful events in Charlottesville in August 2017, the kosher butcher’s bill is coming due. No criminal charges were filed against the event organizers or speakers for that day, and rightly so…they were the victims of the true conspiracy at play: deliberate negligence on the part of the City of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia to enable antifa violence in order to deny us our right to assemble and speak.

But, this being Weimerica, the leftist hive swarmed into action, raising millions of dollars, assembling a rogue’s gallery of Jew lawyers, and corralling a batch of black, brown, and antiwhite crocodile-tear crying commie activists to try to extract another pound of flesh from men who already put it all on the line to tell the world that we will not be replaced.

This so-called “civil trial” has been underway for the past two weeks, with probably another two to go. Some of the defendants hired lawyers, but others are defending themselves pro se, or by themselves. And in this Full Haus special, we were honored to catch up with by far the most charismatic and hopefully persuasive of the defendants representing himself to date, none other than Christopher Cantwell. Chris is already serving time on another BS charge, so he called in from the Charlottesville Regional Jail to give us a little insight to the proceedings thus far, and what to expect as it nears the end.

Closing track: “Out of the Limits” by Wellington Arms

Write to Chris while he’s in Charlottesville fighting the good fight:

Christopher Cantwell 
Inmate 042171
Central Virginia Regional Jail
13021 James Madison Highway
Orange, VA 22960

Or throw him some commissary cash here: https://deposits.jailatm.com/webdeposits/default.aspx

Or write to him or send some cash once he’s “back home” at USP Marion: https://www.gminority.org/prisoner/christopher-cantwell/ 

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