Episode 103: Australia

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Get the low-down from down under this week with two Australians living under grotesque system oppression even worse than anything in Europe or America…so far. From yearlong lockdowns to unbelievable state surveillance and intrusion to the latest on Thomas Sewell, it’s all here.

Audience note: One of our guests was concerned enough about reprisals simply for speaking honestly about Australia’s plight that he used a text-to-speech program over his recorded voice to protect himself and his family.

Understand what’s coming before it’s too late.

Break: “Seven Nation Army” by Skald

Close: “True Blue” by John Williamson

Australia’s National Socialist Network activism site; or email them.

European Australian Movement (community building) email

EAM on Telegram

Thomas Sewell Telegram

Monero donation option for Tom & Jacob’s legal defense

Rawaga Card Game Australia Booster Pack

Waltzing Matilda 

Sam Aussie movie recommendation: Wake in Fright

And finally don’t forget to read “Let Them Look West” before the next show!

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