Episode 82: New White Life

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We’re overjoyed to welcome back new father Franz this week, who joined us in summer 2019 to open up about challenges in conception…and overcame! We also address MP’s hand grenade (“The Marriage Question”) and answer the mail, including a gut-wrenching email from a father estranged from his daughter. Hop in, the water’s fine.

Break: “Homegrown” by the Zac Brown Band

Close: “Stayed Awake All Night” by Krokus

Buy George Lincoln Rockwell’s “White Power” and “This Time the World” (we’re looking for them)

Upcoming shows!

– Thomas Sewell (Australian bad boy)

– Adoption & The Foster Care Industrial Complex

– Karl Thorburn (Bitcoin)

– Professional Gardening for Amateurs

– Write Winger (world’s most thoughtful father?)

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