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“Dear Waifus,

I am a male in my 30s and have made some mistakes in my life. Being practically the only white in my area growing up, I had a child with a Mexican woman early in my life. I also have herpes. Is dating and hopefully marrying a white woman something that is possible for me?

I have been single for 10 years since becoming racially aware, and that importance has steered me away from my previous missteps. Is it too late for me to find someone new? Would it be selfish of me to even try?”


Dear Sir,

Having made mistakes a decade ago, particularly before becoming racially aware, is hardly a life sentence to perpetual celibacy. It’s normal to have assorted regrets in a lifetime, but you don’t have to receive permission to pursue your own happiness and a big healthy white family. Of course, that happiness shouldn’t come at the expense of a future partner, which is why honesty and candor is your best policy moving forward.

Further, you seem to assume that you will be dating woke women, which would add to the complexity of your situation. Unfortunately, that’s an unlikely scenario; but to your benefit, a normie woman would be more likely to be understanding of your previous indiscretions. In particular, as it relates to the STD: you must disclose this very early in the dating process, at least before getting intimate. It’s a deal breaker for many women, and if you aren’t up front then you’ll not only harm her and cause irreparable trust issues within your budding relationship, but you’ll also be wasting both of your time. On the plus side, in clown world STDs are increasingly common, so this might not be as big of a deal as you think.

No one has an impeccable past, and everyone has flaws – and hopefully you’ll be understanding of hers in exchange for yours. To earn a wonderful white woman, offer her your best self, warts and all. 😉

Best of luck, Waifus

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