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It’s no secret that after the treachery in Charlottesville, and especially since our side reached the unavoidable conclusion that Trump and the GOP will never advance our interests, we have been largely demoralized and adrift.  At least publicly, infighting and complaining replaced the big tent happy warrior optimism of 2015-2017.  Sure, the content creators kept churning, the networking continued, brave activists refused to quit, many great things happened behind the scenes (including a baby boom among our people!), and the fires stayed stoked.  But there has been justified dissatisfaction to be merely memeing and chatting and meeting up without a sense of forward progress as the world burned.

Maybe, just maybe, the pendulum has started to swing back.

Three years after Charlottesville, the new National Justice Party held its inaugural assembly this past weekend, joined by battle-scarred stalwarts as well as new blood.  And several Birth Panelists were honored to be present at the creation, to borrow from Cold Warrior Dean Acheson. To be there was vaguely like arriving first to a new battlefield with a hardy group of veterans and before the enemy knew he was to be re-engaged…and with no idea how the whole thing will play out.

Attending one of our events now is to join a big family reunion of sorts.  There’s the natural and healthy ease of being surrounded by your own, and the merriment and excitement that comes with seeing old friends.  The majority of this kickoff event was thus good, normal people (many who brought their children) catching up and trading stories.  Or as our enemies would describe it, a modern-day Nuremberg rally.

Already of course the usual sideline harpies are queuing up to cast aspersions and mock the effort before it’s even gotten rolling, like birds perched on a mirror, crapping all over the place as they admire their own reflection.  This was inevitable.  And they might even have some valid criticisms which will be taken into account.  But for now: the sky’s the limit, the boys are back in town, and eighty percent of life is just showing up.

Forming a political party to give our people an actual voice and a means to organize has of course been tried and found wanting in the past.  Yet the stakes are higher than ever, the need never greater.  No one involved is under any illusion that the road ahead will be easy, or even likely to succeed.  But for so many of us who felt in our marrow that something must be done, that GOP delenda est, that we need a choice, not an echo…this new front in the cause is a source of genuine hope and excitement. 

Watch the opening video and Mike Peinovich’s founding speech for yourself at, and share it with friends and family if you think it might move the needle.  And of course consider getting involved as it develops. To experience it in person was high voltage.


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