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Editor’s note: the following is listener Jim Foster’s prescription for our current predicament.

Gentlemen! We are beset on all sides by world Jewry. Our prospects are few, our finances scant. They own the politicians, the media, the courts, the banks, the corporations, and we’re clinging to our last redoubts on the internet to share memes.  We need to do better.  I need to do better.  It’s all for our children, right?  Here’s a way forward.

Like many of my brothers, I feel a deep sense of anger having squandered many of the best years of my life under deception by the ultimate deceiver.  I grew up reading the great Russians, lived without a TV for most of my adulthood, and rejected corporate America as much as possible since graduating high school.  In many ways I instinctually rejected most of the global agenda, and without much outside influence.  I moved to one of the last unpopulated and wild places in America and remain there, blindly trusting that if forced to live a real and difficult life, I may yet achieve my true fate.  I did most of this without Jesus, since he was not in my life for its first half. 

My awakening has taken place over the past six years, starting with Millennial Woes and Molyneux, then transitioning to many others as I continued to find weaknesses in their arguments.  I hit Telegram hard when it first blossomed, and am grateful to have caught that window of exposure that will soon be closed off for us too.  Everything is so hollow now.  Nothing bears weight when put up against the brilliant Russian writers who were much harder men than most of us will ever be.  They stared down the same Jewish barrel we are now looking down, but a hundred and fifty years ago. 

The overwhelming nature of this realization can devour a man, or spur him to greatness.  The sky is dark, and after decades of slow bleed, something large caliber is about to meet us at high velocity.  Gogol said that in the moments when he needed to lean on better men, he just read The Iliad over and over again. There is no greater appeal to blood and soil than The Iliad.  The circumstance we are in has a dwarfing effect on men and I’ve sliced it every way, and reached the conclusion that we cannot prevail without God.  I will keep good works in my quiver but I will keep the Bible closer, and I recommend you do the same.  I beseech you not to fret, as we are not of this world if we choose not to be.  It is only death that we face.  Death holds no power over us if we live in the Spirit.

I came to this realization while wondering how I could ever secure a future for my children without telling them all about how international Jewry works…especially if my house goes up in flames, my books are burned, and if I die before giving them The Talk (The Derbyshire Talk). In the end, I concluded that a Christian identity is the surest way to ensure a future for our children.  I am talking, however, of a 200 proof, 100 miles per hour Christianity of no birth control, young marriages, men as heads of our households, and living in utter poverty, ideally rural poverty, if necessary.  But above all else, choose life, gentlemen!  Choose this way!  Choose austerity and a spartan existence.   Reject modernity, for modernity is its own punishment. 

Modernity impedes our ability to abide by the fourteen words on virtually every level.  We take out loans for college so we can land jobs that pay well enough to support a family, but the loans prevent us from starting young and having large families.  We are caught in a healthcare trap that sucks our finances dry even before we use any healthcare, and this also harms our ability to support large families.  Is our healthcare system preventing more new lives than it is saving existing ones?  If so, it is broken.  So many of us hold back from creating large families so we can have empty nests earlier, and indulge in the “freedom” of retirement.  Every man in the movement should forget about saving for retirement, for blood is the only sure investment.  Begin looking at everything in terms of life and death.  Are we walking in the path of life, courageously bringing forth life and living modestly, or are we really living in the shadow of death, fear, materialism, and repressing ourselves in pursuit of a security that will never exist absent revolution?

Stop thinking we can do this on our own as well.  We need to reach out to black nationalists, Muslims, Iranians, and any Gentile who understands the nature of International Jewry.  We need to stop blaming Jews too, for as Louis Beam said, “our biggest problem is not the Jew, but white weakness.”  How many white men still watch football and NASCAR every weekend in spite of their manifest evils?  They are sheep, and will likely never be one of us.  Just as blacks need to stop blaming whites for their own shortcomings, as white men we must stop blaming Jews.  A real man is no victim.  Some men are blind or deaf, some are less intelligent, but that is not because they are punished by God.  All men must find God in spite of their own shortcomings.  Our role is to not make fun of the less intelligent or crippled, but instead to speak truth to them.  We can awaken them on the International Jew, and the big awakening, the word of Jesus.  We must scour the country for allies, because we’re banging our heads against the wall with the same old strategy.  It does not work.  It has not worked.  We need to look elsewhere to build our strength.  The Devil looks for allies everywhere and finds them, while we have tiny clusters of men who can never pull anything of substance off in America.  We must look for leverage everywhere, across the races and in God. 

Black America has been nearly destroyed by Jewish thought.  You see the rare successful ones move to white areas as the lone black family.  I can only imagine the shame and self-loathing it takes to move from a community of your own people and into a community of people entirely alien to you.  It is only possible to think like this through subversion, as it defies all natural instinct and desire to do such a thing.  Moreover, they marched for it.  They fought court battles to do it.  They lobbied Congress.  They went to unimaginable lengths to escape their own people as if it were justice to escape themselves.  When I see them I understand why they are in my community, and I feel nothing but pity for a soul so downtrodden and subverted, so lacking in pride of who they are to believe they need to live around whites.  And that is indeed why they move to our areas, to feed off us.  It’s never about “the neighborhood” or “the schools.”  Whenever we take flight, they move again to be near us.  Unless we can separate ourselves so that they might become a proud people again, they will follow us to the North Pole.

“Your country lies desolate, your cities are burned with fire; in your very presence strangers devour your land; it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.” – Isaiah 1:7

God does not want us to live in the presence of strangers.  It is our charge as Christians to preserve our own lands and spread the true word of God. Refugee resettlement and current asylum law are the ways of the devil.  We’re only enabling millions around the world to think America can be their savior when only God can save them.  It’s nothing but a path to hell.

Live in the spirit but not the flesh, brothers, as stated in Romans Chapter Eight.  You’ll be amazed how your spirit rises in power.  God scattered the men of the world to their lands and the Devil brings them together.  With so much blaming going around, we’re so quick to point the finger instead of looking in the mirror.  Diversity is a massive force to prevent the Gentile races of the world from facing God fully, and as America turned its back on the church, the 1965 Immigration Act was passed.  The Devil thinks he has sealed our fate, but I believe, with the grace of God, we can create an awakening in men of all races in America to understand we are being played and separated from God. 

America is no country for a man.  It makes me feel like I’m living under the same roof as my crazy mother who’s been abusing me since childhood.  It’s time for me to move out and grow closer to my Father.  Following our Father is the way because he will be there for your children if you die tomorrow.  The Bible is rife with verses that support our cause, and besides all that, everything that is happening to us is about as Biblical as it gets.  The book is alive and we are characters in it.  Choose life, brothers!  Choose the way.  Fill the pews and reject every company and institution that is against us to your dying breath. 

An interesting voice on the internet today is a man named Handsome Truth.  He does these Omegle calls and it’s like watching a real-life apostle spreading the word.  He’s a bit coarse at times, but so are most voices in our movement.  We are all just finding our footing in propaganda.  It’s quite powerful to see him carrying out bold acts of outreach and engagement to all races.  He’s just one man. He’s like a voice in the wilderness, fearless in God, more gracious than anyone I’ve seen.  He’s not just preaching to the choir like most of us.  We’re so feckless and impotent in our current state.  You see a man hang a twenty-foot sign saying “Jews Want a Race War” over a busy California highway and you feel like you’re watching Jesus flip over the tables of the money changers.  Real courage has a way of shaking you to your core.  Sadly, many American men would rather take a bullet for a Jewish War in the Middle East than hang a banner calling them out. 

I know Christianity today doesn’t like us to be anti-Semitic, but I think if we do things like Jesus did, (minus getting crucified, ideally), he would have no quarrel with us for fighting the true enemy.  Let us walk in The Way together as brothers.  Be bold.  Call them out.  Spread the word of The Way and call out the evils of International Jewry.  We can make it all line up with the Lord.  Just read the good book and use that as your guide as to what is allowed, and what is not. 

Please seriously consider The Way for you as you try to fulfill the fourteen words.  You can be a Godly man and still do that.  Spend more time in God’s grace and it will do much more powerful things with your anger.  I know that from personal experience, because I have a lot of it too, but it is his Grace that brought you these words, for I live in the Spirit now, and no longer the flesh.  Recognize temptation and passion are inextricably linked.  Sins are paid at the expense of your passion.  Sin has little to do with hell and more to do with being weak in this life.  I pray for you my brothers that you will be Godly men, and no longer confused, no longer acting out in irrational acts of violence, trolling, and foolishness.  “Hear and understand, not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”  Do not defile yourself, as we must be better than that.  When you speak, make your redpills sweet, not bitter.  Call them out honestly.  Be civil about it, and set an example we can all find inspiration in.  Let us walk forward in God’s truth, for the Devil fears God.  We know where they are all headed.  I would rather see you men be separated as wheat, not chaff, so that I may meet you in eternal brotherhood.  We do not have the money to do this any other way and that is for the best.  It has been our eternal struggle to survive in a Godly way, for without money, it’s truly our only alternative.    


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