White Children Matter

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Our pal RadCap is out with a brutal post documenting the grisly butcher’s bill of white children recently victimized by diversity. In his words:

The following is a list of forgotten White children who were either kidnapped, tortured, raped, sodomized, and/or murdered by Blacks. This list is by no means exhaustive and is limited to relatively recent examples in America.

All the stories he recounts are as heartbreaking as they are infuriating. Some are almost too painful to stop and consider. The absolute least we must do to honor them is stop to remember them, spread awareness of their tragic ends, and resolve to ensure our children are not the next victims ignored by the mass media and the legions of hordes willing to burn down cities on behalf of convicted felons passing fake bills while high on meth and fent with covid and congenital heart failure thrown in for good measure.

If you live in a diverse area, don’t count on luck to defend your children. “White Flight” might offend your sensibilities, but you owe it to your posterity to at least try to gift your most precious possessions a safe, ideally rural childhood in the country surrounded by recognizable faces. If you’re considering bailing on your corner of Weimerica, we wrote up a little guide to help.

And let it be known: when we encounter stories of White brutality against non-white children, like this one, we are even more enraged than when blacks are the perps, for we expect and demand better from our own people.

If you’re on Telegram, subscribe to this channel for DAILY stories of our people slaughtered by alien hostiles, and for whom not even crocodile tears are usually shed.

Get mad. But more importantly, get your families to safety and keep your heads on a swivel.

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